Official Video Song “Meri Kahani” By Atif Aslam From Meri Kahani Album

Meri Kahani By Atif Aslam

Meri Kahani is the third album by pop/rock singer Atif Aslam. The album was officially released on 8 January 2008. It was reported to be leaked on the Internet before release. This album got a good response from India and Pakistan.

Song: Meri Kahani
Singer: Atif Aslam
Album: Meri Kahani

Meri Kahani By Atif Aslam OST Meri Kahani Album

Latest Comments
  1. faisal khan

    nice song

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    • Vivek

      Wonderful song I love it

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  2. ahsan

    hi sana

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  3. Choney dema namkuel

    Lovely song

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  4. ramij

    iloue atifaslam songs

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  5. insane

    hey..! frndzzzZ…!

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  6. rakibul san mondal

    Lovly song.

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  7. abiha khan

    aWaLa SoNg Of MaIn LiFe….
    FaNtAsTi,FaBuLaCe SoNg…… i lOvVvEeEe tHiS sOnG….MuUuUuaAaHhHh :* :* :* :* <3

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  8. Satyam

    Aatif is awesome..

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